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Here are books I wrote from 2014 to 2018. I used to describe them more, but I'm less sure I want people to read them right now. I think they have valuable things to say, but should be seen as what a past person said. They are part of my past, if you're interested in my story. The books are in chronological order of when they were written, except the last one (From Me To You), and How Can We Love? has two parts, the latter written after Sometime in the 21st Century.

I offered these as print books, but demand was very low. If you want a print copy, let me know: banks at 10v24 dot net. There are some copies available for sale in San Diego still, as noted below.

How Can We Love? (free: PDF epub mobi)

Sometime in the 21st Century (free: PDF epub mobi)

Letters to People Who Care (free: PDF epub mobi)
(San Diegans: Available at Cafeina (a cafe) and Verbatim (a bookstore) for $10)

The Tree With Unimaginable Roots (free: PDF epub mobi)
(San Diegans: Available at Verbatim for $10)

Variations (free: on the server)

Silence (free: PDF epub mobi)

Patience (free: PDF epub mobi)

From Me to You
(San Diegans: Available at Simply Local for $10)

(I did more with the card designs than just make this book. See here)

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