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This is a more complete list of my books.

How Can We Love? (on the way)

Sometime in the 21st Century (on the way)

Letters to People Who Care (on the way)

The Tree With Unimaginable Roots (on the way)

Variations (on the server)

From Me to You

What are these books about?

How Can We Love? is a book trying to answer the two questions of "how can we allow ourselves to love people and God despite what happens to us?" and "how can we go about addressing evil in the world with our lives?" It's mostly a non-fictional book.

Sometime in the 21st Century is a personal book, from my past self, about being honorably desperate. It could be viewed as a twin to How Can We Love? and it's recommended to read that one if you read this one.

For Letters to People Who Care, a plot summary:

Paul, a young man, sends himself from Old City (a decaying phenomenon of the old fossil fuel days), to the New City in the south (a shining example of living within your means), finds belonging and then rapidly finds himself having to be a pillar in his new friend group. But also, he explores this strange new world, a sustainable society that could be ours, as unlikely as that may seem...
Recommended for fans of philosophy, technology, antitechnology, sustainability, romance, antiromance, sweetness, madness, exploration, and humor: what is love in a sustainable society?

The Tree with Unimaginable Roots is a novel about being in a place in life where you've lost the meaning of life, and maybe you can find it if you know where to look. It takes place in San Diego County, CA, also at a rollercoaster park in the Los Angeles area, along with excursions into Oregon and perhaps other places.

Variations is a random-access novel-length non-novel. It is only available online, but if it had a back cover, it would have this written on it:

I'm not tired, but there's no moment
for me. These are not my moments,
there is no time for me. I am
as tall as a spear, but I don't go
out in the streets at night. The
shades of evening tell me it's
time to shut the door.

From Me to You explores the intense situations and emotions that people (or dinosaurs, parasites, undead creatures) find themselves in, in the form of greeting cards, sent from lover to lover, or from dinosaur to dinosaur, or ... from people to God...

(I did more with the card designs than just make this book. See here)

What else do you have?

I think I have another book that I will publish.

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