Tips for playing angband-tr

Probably the best advice, for the experience, but also to be able to make it in the game if you're having trouble, is to treat -tr as a roleplaying exercise. Take it seriously, as an exercise and not as a game, that is, take it as a reality which involves real @s and real creatures.

-2. If your character is lunging several spaces in a given direction, it could be that you need to press the NUM LOCK key.

-1. If you need help finding which keys to press, hit ENTER.

0. Angband-tr seems to be difficult even in the first few levels. It can get somewhat easier. Your character may lack HP, but as you gain a few levels you gain breathing room there. Magic users get helpful spells early on.

1. One bottleneck is money. By default you can sell items, which helps. Mages don't need to buy many phase door scrolls after a while, which helps. (Priests the same with Cure Light Wounds, I'd imagine.) Mining could be worthwhile.

2. One trick is to take off your torch when you're resting (which you will have to do a lot of).

3. Extra food is good.

4. Discretion is the better part of valor.

5. Take it slow -- literally. Don't press keys so soon. If you rush, you'll make mistakes, and you won't tune as well into the vibe of the game.

6. Iron shots or arrows are a good investment.

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