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These are rules for card games / board games / word games. The rules are organized by how tested they are. If you want to help test them, try playing them and let me know 1) if the rules are clear and concise enough (and if not, why not), 2) if the game is basically satisfying (and if not, why not), 3) any improvements that can be made. My email is banks at 10v24 dot net.

ALPHA -- these rules have not been tested at all. I will very likely change them if and when I get around to testing them. There may be underspecified elements to the rules.

BETA -- these rules have been tested at least once. I can say they are at least basically satisfying in my opinion. It's possible, although not certain, that they could be in their final basic form.

STABLE -- these rules have been tested to the point that I think it may be possible that they are in their final form. I (and other people) are fairly certain that they are satisfying. If I were releasing these games commercially, this is the point at which I would think it appropriate to try releasing a game.

ALPHA: untested

BETA: somewhat tested

Sayings of the Desert People

(card game) Search a desert for a desert person, so that you can hear their wisdom or inspiration. HTML.

STABLE: mostly fully tested