Past Writing

These books are from the past, from a time of horror.

Variations (on the server),
The Tree With Unimaginable Roots
    (on the way),
Sometime in the 21st Century, and
From Me to You

What are these books about?

I wrote Sometime in the 21st Century from a place of collapsing. I was feeling a particular kind of bad feeling one day, a feeling I remembered could be alleviated by writing freely from my mind and throat -- letting my voice go. I used to write short stories that way, writing whatever came from my mind, and then quickly enough seeing a logical story to pursue more deliberately. But on that day, I decided to just write the first four or five sentences of each story, without becoming deliberate, and then quickly move on to another.

I called each four or five (or more) sentence pre-story a "vignette", and I wrote the vignettes in "sets", each of which ended with a refrain. In this book, the refrain is "It is the Xth of July, 20--", or a variant of that.

This method of freedom forced me to confront whatever really was in my mind and whatever really did bother me, and over three weeks I wrote it. It documents the process of my mind's change over that time. I think of it as a poem, a novel, and also an essay, and as being like a jazz album. It's an intense and personal book, one which I have some trouble remembering today in much detail.

The Tree With Unimaginable Roots was written next in the same genre. The refrain involves different branches of "the tree with unimaginable roots". I edited it more than Sometime in the 21st Century, and what I left in I meant to leave in, even if I didn't intend it consciously when I wrote it.

When I wrote this book, I was not collapsing but was now living an ordinary life while partially collapsed. I don't think I was writing from quite as deep a place. This book doesn't seem as true to me, and yet perhaps that place of untruth needs to be spoken about as well. It has a humor that can't see its sadness and a sadness that can't see its humor.

I wrote Variations next. It is only available online, but if it had a back cover, it would have this written on it:

I'm not tired, but there's no moment
for me. These are not my moments,
there is no time for me. I am
as tall as a spear, but I don't go
out in the streets at night. The
shades of evening tell me it's
time to shut the door.

From Me to You explores the intense situations and emotions that people (or dinosaurs, parasites, undead creatures) find themselves in, in the form of greeting cards, sent from lover to lover, or from dinosaur to dinosaur, or ... from people to God...

(I did more with the card designs than just make this book. See here)

What else do you have?

I had three other books before the public, which I have put "on hiatus" for a time.

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