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Sometimes you need to have an idea clarified. What is the root, or essence, of a person, situation, place, or phenomenon? This can be useful in solving problems. It can also help you enter "the garden of ideas", where instead of seeing plants and birds, you relax among concepts.

I want to help people solve problems, and see the beauty of concepts. Here is my method: I assume I don't know much if anything about the problem or topic, and then I let my curiosity lead me to ask questions, as I seek to understand the nature of the thing being talked about.

I'm just starting out in this line of work, but I have some qualifications. I taught a class for four years in which I used basically this method in a group setting. I have studied philosophy on and off for the last ten years and have actively tried to practice it by thinking through problems, and writing. And I find myself using the method mentioned above, naturally, in conversation.

An example dialogue:

You: I'm really interested in race cars.

Me: [I don't know anything about race cars.]  
What is it that speaks to you about race cars?

You: I don't know, maybe the noise they make, 
or the fact that they have sponsors

Me: That's interesting, I wonder if there's 
a connection between the noise and the 

You: I don't know.  Maybe the sponsors help 
to pay for the noise?

Me: Yeah, it's like the power of their 
money becomes the power of the engine

You: So maybe I like race cars because I like 

Me: Who doesn't?  Power is psychologically 
You can see how this can transition into a more informal discussion, which is part of the experience offered.


I work through email or through text chat (Google Hangouts, IRC, or something else that works for both of us). You set your own price, by donating to my Patreon. Group chats or group emails can also work, if multiple people want to be part of the same discussion.

Now what?

If you're interested, we can arrange a time to chat, or get started over email. My email is
banks at 10v24 dot net.