10 v24 -- songs about reality


July 2023: I recorded a "live-style" demo with different vocal styles.

This album connects to themes from my writing, from 2014 until 2022. I wrote the songs in 2020 and 2021, and recorded them in early 2023. Released in May 2023.

This album is about reality. I can see thoughtful people liking it, or emotional people.

Album Tracks:
1. Horseback Racing the Sun
2. Prospective Christian Leaders
3. Practical Atheism
4. Our Own Concerns
5. To be Free
6. Dads

Bonus Tracks:
(These were recorded initially for the album but didn't fit on it. The lyrics fit the theme of the album.)
1. Chops
2. On the Barge at Dusk


Equipment used

I did all the work on the album.

These songs are licensed Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. That means you can copy, distribute, and make derivative works from them as long as you give credit to me for my work and, if you have made changes, indicate that you have done so.

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