10 v24 -- Reality equipment

Equipment used on Reality

Tascam DR-05 voice recorder (reviewing and practicing tracks, used to record some unused takes)
Tascam DP-008EX 8-track recorder (recording and reviewing tracks)
AKG D310 dynamic mic (recording all vocals used)
an old mic stand
an old XLR cable
big, old headphones (tried using them on some now-unused tracks as well as (I think, maybe) on "Prospective Christian Leaders")
smaller, newer headphones (used for everything else)
desktop computer and peripherals (mixing):
--OpenSUSE Leap 15.4, audacity
Chromebook and USB soundcard (making MIDI backing tracks):
--Ubuntu 20.04.04 / Breath, rosegarden, timidity, Fluid R3 GM soundfont
flash drive and USB cable (file transfers)
CC-QuickCharger-2 battery charger and NiMH batteries (powering Tascam devices)
paper with lyrics and notation (songwriting and reference for recording)

Not pictured:
Ballpoint pens (songwriting)
An old acoustic piano (most songwriting and practicing)
An old glockenspiel (a little bit of practicing)
Old amps (a little bit of practicing):
and cables/connectors to connect to Tascams
Casio HT-700 keyboard (a little bit of practicing, possibly some songwriting)
Maybe other things I'm forgetting?