10 v24 -- songs about reality

Lyrics for Reality:

Album Tracks

1. "Horseback Racing the Sun"

Why, why, why do we live anymore? We don't ask why we live anymore. We run, run, run our horses to the west, we try to race the sun.

Go, my steed, I need you to sweat and pant so I can live. The night will kill me. I'll live if I can beat the sun.

How, how, how can you tell me how to live if you, you, you don't know how long you will live? A fool can tell me to look to the sky, but a wise man gets a horse.

Go, my steed, I need you to burn yourself so I won't burn. The dark cannot be faced, I need your flesh to beat the sun.

Now, now, now, do you see it now? I need my horse like you need your mouth that eats the grass that feeds my way to life below the sun.

Go, my steed, I need you to beat the earth most rhythmically. Don't break a tendon, I need your help to beat the sun.

2. "Prospective Christian Leaders"

Bonhoeffer and MLK make heroes for the leaders in the world, but do you want to die for God? Or do you want ministry success? The eyes of lives changed by spirits giving pow'r to people living life the way they want to please their God, the God of health and victory

Do you want to leave the world to run by its default or does it need your Spirit-filled leadership? They'll bring heaven on earth and forget about God, and everyone will feel so fully blessed to see inequities erased, to see the humans in the sun, to see us settle in the end

Do you have the courage to resign before the scandal breaks and do you have the strength to say the things your friends don't want to hear?
Do you have the wisdom from above to help you figure out the way that sins are put together in our blood?
Do you have the sorrow so your love can be like God's among the angry men and women who provide the pattern of the talking?

Everything you need, you need to be real, you need to be real, you need to be real, and that's gonna take some of your blood. Nobody asks you to be real, they don't know what they need from you, they want beauty and success to fill the gaps in them or someone who can show a way to go or keep it nice.

And if it would be the thing for you, you have to do it, you have to do it

3. "Practical Atheism"

Someone told me that God was made-up. I bit the lie because I wanted to believe what was true. But now that God is gone, I find myself making compromises, with what I say -- and what I don't say.

You can believe what you want about me, until you can't. There's no God to protect me from your frown, or from your strength, or from your truth, but what is truth? What is truth? What is truth? What is true? What is true? What is true?

What's true is life and how things break, not facts, not promises made by thoughts, so there's no God, I know that there's no God who saves.

I'm too weak to live the truth, so I bend the truth so I'm okay in my own eyes. I ignore or am obsessed with how I'd look to myself, because with God gone, I'm the judge. I can know things for myself and know them with my blood, but unlike God, I hate myself, and I don't trust myself, and I don't know myself, so how can I, pick beams from my, own eyes, from my own eyes, from my own eyes, without going blind?

4. "Our Own Concerns"

Here at 6 PM my blues kick in. I'm lonely. I know you are my everything but sometimes I wish I could meet somebody else for the first time
For the first time

The rains come down and tears come down my face and when you get home you can lift me up and tell me it's okay and I'll believe you with my mood and mind but my heart still believes that my world will die.

Here at 6 PM my blues kick in, my job can't last my emotional tirings. I'm a quitter. We'll be something like a homeless couple, something we can't mention.

Then I watch the TV news, see the wars and elections. I taste reality as foul as it may be. There's another world, there's a big, wide world, when I pay my taxes it does somebody some good.

Here at 6 PM my blues kick in, I sit here wishing someone could turn off all the ways for feeling bad to make me feel so bad I just want my mood feeling nicely.

The rains come down, the tears come down my face, you tell me "Honey, we can just feel good forever on vacation at the end of the year" and I feel fed but I tell you "no, there's another world."

5. "To be Free"

I don't know what I would do with 50 million dollars but I probably wouldn't do that, I'd spend it on pets and octopus dinners for my friends cause you've got to live your life with what you spend. You've got to be a human, you've got to be a human, living like a human does.

Don't send me to Mars, the earth is fine the way it is except I need a bigger boat, my hobbies are expensive but we all need a hobby and I'm no exception. I'm an ordinary human with 50 billion dollars, 50 billion dollars eating up my skin.

But we hear a sound and we open up the door and no one's there and we think "just a sound like cries for freedom" well, we are free, so, we're okay.

Truth is speaking truthful words despite the things we think. We don't know what it says but in another world, there are people who can hear what it says like it's a solid thing, like it's a solid thing, a word for becoming free.

But we hear a sound and we open up the door and no one's there but we can feel it in our guts a thought is coming to me, is coming to me, is coming to me, is coming to me.

6. "Dads"

Dad was never known to be a bad man when I was a little boy, on the contrary his slip-ups passed my eyes and I was feeling pretty good about my dad, the only dad I ever had, I had to have a dad and mine filled that role in my head for my whole life

He was such a man, he shaved his face with a blade that could kill you if you mishandled it and I used to know he was right when he used his anger, the power of his anger, the tone of his voice to make his piece of the world as it should be.

Now I'm 45
The oldest one alive of my line
My kids look up, they see me being so great

But I can tell that I'm just as tired as my dad used to be when I was so small

We all knew that God had faded out from back in the days when he could yell and now he lingers in a church where we say "hi", he must be happy with us now, we never hear him say he's not, since Jesus came to break the spell of right and wrong that terrified us when we were young.

Pretty soon our dads will fade away and I will fade away and you, probably too, and all that lingers is a universal mood of happiness with no crying content, there'll be no persons in it, no more ego, no more running around, just feeling nice.

But he's mine
The fact still remains that he lived before I was born, lived before I was born
He gave me my name from a book full of names
And he kept me from breaking when I was harmed

If the children all around me forget, the truth will remain and I will remember

Bonus Tracks

1. "Chops"

When I stay up late or wake up early 'cause I have to make the grade, I lose some pieces of my soul but all of my skills can see me through. x2

I got chops -- making breakfast with the food that I already bought.
I got chops -- making left turns after turning the blinker on.
I got chops -- making sounds or even feeling feelings of sympathy.
I got chops -- make a joke to make the moment feel right to me.
I got chops -- do the thing that I paid $50,000 to learn, lets me do my job, my job, my job, my

job. A man isn't made of atoms, he's made of Adam and I am not a man, I have no song but I can

shred, shred, that's how I pay the bills, that's how I get the bills to go, there's only one thing that I know

I gotta survive, I gotta survive...

2. "On the Barge at Dusk"

Look, my love, the night is falling
We're here with my family
Now they are yours, just like yours are mine
After what happened and
My niece and nephew look at you like you're so cool

Try to keep the mosquitoes from being your close friends,
Here, have a seat, here is some lemonade
I'm sitting down beside you and the stars are gently twinkling in the sky

1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and the time goes running and we get some more
5 and a 6 and a 7 and an 8 and everyone has something to appreciate

We spent the afternoon cooking hamburgers and pineapples with flames coming from a charcoal grill
My parents had a good time taking pictures of us all
And now the sun has left us for a while

Look, my love, the time is coming for you to put your hand in
Mine and time for me to turn my head and see your eyes,
the pools of water gently covered by the night

Is there anything more than this to life, this self-sufficient night?
Is there anything more to you than that you're in this night
and sitting looking at the things that I can see, next to me?

We spent the afternoon cooking hamburgers and pineapples with
flames coming from a charcoal grill
My parents had a good time taking pictures of us all
And now the sun has left us for a while