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Welcome to 10v24.net! (explanation of site name)

My name is James Banks (email, follow). I am a writer and I make other creative things, for instance, this computer game. I have a server where I host my game and some of my writing.

Why is this site so grey and plain?

Grey is for the desert, for what is quiet, dry, and non-obvious. We are likely to know the truth that is vivid and loud, but not as likely to know the desert truth. The desert is a barren place, so I have made the backgrounds textured. (Texture is like color.)

Plainness is for simplicity and lightweightness.

These are some of my values, both aesthetic and spiritual, which I try to express with this site's design, but there are other values which I express in my writing.

What do you write?

Two novels that are on the way are: Letters to People Who Care and The Tree With Unimaginable Roots. I also have some other books.

I also write booklets (under 10,000 words). There are 2 booklets currently offered, and more are on the way.

"Wasting" Time, (3 November 2017)

Wasting time helps us rest, but to some extent, it's possible to do helpful things in a way that also rests us. Three suggestions are given: picking up trash, writing letters to representatives, and having parties. (11 pages, free ebook, version for printing A4)

Destruction and Beauty, (14 July 2017)

I thought a lot about religion and philosophy and decided that we can't know things in a way that coerces us into believing in them -- this applies to all knowledge and all religion. So then, what is left is to talk about specific beautiful things. (30 pages, free ebook, version for printing A4)

How can I contact you / keep in touch?

You can email me at banks at 10v24 dot net.

You can follow me on Twitter and Goodreads.

I have a Patreon.

Site name

10v24 refers to 10:24. I wanted something short and unique for the URL for this site, back in 2012 when I started it. I like the aesthetics of powers of two, and I wanted to make reference to computers. Hebrews 10:24 is an appropriate verse for this site nowadays.

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