This is a server where I host things that I make: games (such as angband-tr) and writing (such as Variations). Also I added The Book of the Lover and the Beloved by Ramon Llull (not shown in the screenshot above). So far there's nothing social there (except that you can send me feedback on my programs). It's all text-based, like in the old days of computers.

You can access it for free by using SSH. You can try out the test username (password: test). If you use Windows, you may have to install PuTTY or Chrome's Secure Shell, which shouldn't take too long. If you use Mac or Linux or other Unix-based OSes, just type ssh at a command prompt and then enter the password.

The programs hosted can remember your savefiles and your positions in the books you read. So if you want your own account, rather than letting others pick up where you left off when they log in as test, send me an email (banks at 10v24 dot net) and I'll set you up with an account of your own. It might take me a day or two to do it. Let me know in the email what username you prefer, and what email you want to be your contact email for the account if it's different from the one you contact me from.

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