Angband-tr is a "patch" of Angband 4.1.0. It's called a "patch" because it's a relatively simple, but powerful, modification of the game that is not necessarily balanced, meant as something like a playable proof-of-concept. Hopefully, it can be applied (by hand) to other variants.

Current version: 0.1 - source code - Windows binary - testing - compiling trouble?

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"AS" stands for "apparent sorrow"

The player character is given the characteristic of feeling sorrow at the death of monsters, and has to process these feelings or risk burning out. The player character is given the ability to deeply terrify monsters so that they stay away from them, but at the risk of killing the monsters and incurring sorrow.

The "tr" stands for "tragic view". Angband is all about killing Morgoth, the originator of evil in Tolkien's universe. The process of destroying evil can be tragic.

Can I test it?

You can play it on my ssh server:
    Username: cavetest
    Password: CtAeVsEt1

If you want your own account so you can have your own savefile, send me an email with your preferred user name.

SSH instructions:
--On Unix/Linux:
open a terminal (xterm)
and type ssh
hit enter
then type in the password.
--On macOS:
open a terminal (
and type ssh
hit enter
then type in the password.
(Let me know if you have any problems because I only have an old version of macOS to test.)
--On Windows: try PuTTY or,
in the Chrome browser, Secure Shell.
(Let me know how it goes because I haven't been able to test them.)

What about source code?

Yes, here: version 0.1 (applied to Angband 4.1.0)

Is there a version ready-to-play, available to download?

There is for Windows: version 0.1 (applied to Angband 4.1.0)

I don't currently plan to make a Mac binary, but maybe someone else can make it.

Are there tips for playing?


Compiling trouble?

Linux: Newer versions of gcc (such as 9.3.0) try to compile and link with PIE by default. This causes an error when running make

/usr/bin/ld: -r and -pie may not be used together
To fix, go to ang4.1.0-tr0.1/src, open Makefile, and apply the patch found here.

(In case that link becomes inaccessible, this is the patch:)

< CFLAGS += -I. -std=c99 -O0
> CFLAGS += -I. -std=c99 -O0 -fno-pie
<       $(CC) -o $@ $(PROGNAME).o $(MAINFILES) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDADD) $(LIBS)
>       $(CC) -no-pie -o $@ $(PROGNAME).o $(MAINFILES) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDADD) $(LIBS)
<       $(LD) -nostdlib -Wl,-r -o $@ $(OBJECTS)
>       $(LD) -no-pie -nostdlib -Wl,-r -o $@ $(OBJECTS)

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